erin bullard (virgomoonbeams) wrote in spellsandmagic,
erin bullard

lost journal and jewelry. / grounding ideas?

Can anyone help me in finding lost objects?   Specifically a journal that I lost.  And an amber ring i don't know what happened to. 
  ...then there was the turquoise ring i believe i buried only it's special and i want it back; it has three stones that go along the finger vertically.  There's another turquoise ring that has three stones going across horizontally that has been missing for years now.
These last two were given to me by my Mom that came from Native Americans in New Mexico so i'd like to find the second one at last.

Also, I was wondering if someone might have any grounding ideas, because i'm too much in my mind and i need to stop the great amount of spirit access that i'm currently susceptible to.      It's not like it was last spring.....but i'm still in need of this.    I need like an entire year's vacation from any of it.

Thank you.


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