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Magical Reads

While I was whiling away a virus this weekend, I happened to randomly pick up and read 2 different fictional books that included fairly useful views of psychic talent, ceremonial and other magic: The Adept by Kurtz and Turner, and The Inheritor by M. Z. Bradley. The interesting thing about these books is that, among all the expected drama, they include useful information about things that may happen to untrained psychics, elements of psychic and magical training, stuff like that. Not lots of detail, mind you, but some useful stuff-- enough that I want to add a section to my booklist for useful fiction, and recommend these and other books to students who want extra sources to study. I'll probably add at least some of Fortune's fiction, what I've read-- but I'd like to see what others find useful.

What useful fiction would you recommend to a student (of magic, paganism, or witchcraft), and why?
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