not a doll (ardentcurse) wrote in spellsandmagic,
not a doll

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gone a-maying!

I hope everyone has grand plans for this fine May eve!
it is a beautiful night here;
this walpugis night.
There is a slight breeze
by which it is better to enjoy my small fire here in the desert.
I often wonder if the faerie world exists here in this hot place!?
there grows a small ring of fungus near my wood but I have yet to
be witness to any other-worldly activity in it's vicinity!
Here be the night for such!

I've jumped my fire and
set some young buds to a wreath to enjoy in the coming spring days.
My flowers are near full bloom and
spring is definatly upon us.

The stars are bright with several contellations visible
as well as Jupiter rising low in the east.

I wish you all a great Beltaine and
coming luck with the waxing of this May moon!
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