Refreshed Kaos (refreshedkaos) wrote in spellsandmagic,
Refreshed Kaos

Animal Communicator?

So my 2 kitties have been missing for 4 weeks today. I am worried sick about them and with the hurricane coming this weekend, I REALLY want them home. To make the story short, I let my sister move in with me recently and we got in a fight since she's a deadbeat so while I was gone, she dumped 2 of my kitties a couple blocks away. She didn't dump the other one since she liked that one. They have always been indoor cats and don't even know what outside is. I've had them both since they were babies and it's like my 2 best friends are missing.

I am trying everything I can to find them so has anyone consulted with an animal communicator, specifically one who deals with lost pets? Do you have one you could recommend to me? Or do you know of anyone who can do anything to find them?? Any info is much appreciated.


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