lost journal and jewelry. / grounding ideas?

Can anyone help me in finding lost objects?   Specifically a journal that I lost.  And an amber ring i don't know what happened to. 
  ...then there was the turquoise ring i believe i buried only it's special and i want it back; it has three stones that go along the finger vertically.  There's another turquoise ring that has three stones going across horizontally that has been missing for years now.
These last two were given to me by my Mom that came from Native Americans in New Mexico so i'd like to find the second one at last.

Also, I was wondering if someone might have any grounding ideas, because i'm too much in my mind and i need to stop the great amount of spirit access that i'm currently susceptible to.      It's not like it was last spring.....but i'm still in need of this.    I need like an entire year's vacation from any of it.

Thank you.



Привет всем!

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Hi my name is Beverley *Peaceful Wolf* and I am an eclectic Wiccan. I discovered Wicca later in life (I'm 55 and have only been practicing for a few years now), but have found my peace in the calm of this ancient and beautiful religion. I've found that my calling is to help others in their everyday practice of Wicca and other spiritual religions. In discovering this I have opened a small business to sell spiritual products at low prices. I hope this is ok to post, if not let me know and I'll delete it. I've added a link to my website for everyone to view if they would like. I look forward to reading about everyones practices and beliefs and hopefully learning something new about my own.

~Blessed Be~



i guess i should probably do this at some point. i joined this community a few days ago, and am really looking forward to being a part of it. i'm not sure that i'll have all that much to contribute to begin with, as i am just beginning my journey. i've always considered myself an atheist or an agnostic. my husband is a buddhist, and i've done a lot of reading and research on various relions and spiritual beliefs, only to find that none of them "fit" me. however, this is different...from the moment that i stepped into this realm (pagan & wiccan), i've felt at "home". i'm still very much a beginner, and i'm still trying to find my specific path, but i do feel that i am finally pointed towards the direction of the paths that are meant for me. and it feels good - really good.

anyway, my name is kym, but for all intents and purposes, please refer to me as "datura". i'm 32, married, have a 13 year old son and 8 indoor cats. we recently just moved back to northwest ohio from michigan to care for my elderly parents. currently, i am just beginning to study the very basics. i've picked up several books, visited a spiritual "variety" store not too far from here (where i've collected quite a few items to aid in my study), and i've also signed up online with magicka shool, tarot college, witch school, and the pagan college. i'm not certain as to the quality of any of these, but i figure they will at least give me a general base from which to start.

i guess that's it for now. i just wanted to say hello and to introduce myself. i'm sorry if you see this cross-posted to some different communities - i've joined a lot as of late, and i'm not feeling up to writing a seperate intro for each one.

i'm really looking forward to being in this community, learning from all of you, and hopefully making some new friends that take me seriously throughout this learning process. if you have any questions for me, ask away - i'm pretty much an open book.

i hope this finds everyone well.

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Magical Reads

While I was whiling away a virus this weekend, I happened to randomly pick up and read 2 different fictional books that included fairly useful views of psychic talent, ceremonial and other magic: The Adept by Kurtz and Turner, and The Inheritor by M. Z. Bradley. The interesting thing about these books is that, among all the expected drama, they include useful information about things that may happen to untrained psychics, elements of psychic and magical training, stuff like that. Not lots of detail, mind you, but some useful stuff-- enough that I want to add a section to my booklist for useful fiction, and recommend these and other books to students who want extra sources to study. I'll probably add at least some of Fortune's fiction, what I've read-- but I'd like to see what others find useful.

What useful fiction would you recommend to a student (of magic, paganism, or witchcraft), and why?
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a bit of gardening..

I trimmed back a bunch of my
Wormwood/Artemesia today.
Is anyone interested in this herb?
Maybe we can set up some sort of trade?
It is not for consumption.
It is for aromatic purposes only.
It is a great to add protection and energy
to spells and charms.
It should take about 2 weeks to dry.
It is all natural. No pestisides.

for info on it's uses see here:

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